Underground Services

  • HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Road and Street boring
  • Outside Plant Fiber Optic and Copper
  • Pavement removal and restoration
  • Utility locating
  • Trenching
  • Conduit Placement
  • Highway Boring
  • Steel Casing
  • Vacuum Excavation
  • Pot Holing
  • Duct Banks
  • Manhole and Handhole Installation
  • Verification of Existing Pathways
  • Pathway As-built Drawings
  • Bore Planning and Design

Bore Planning and Design
Triumph begins each project from start to finish using the most up to date technologies. Each project begins with a preliminary survey to identify all utilities and any underground obstruction. Upon receiving all data, a bore plan is engineered by one of our drilling operators to ensure that all specifications of the project have been met. After approval of pathway from our drilling operator and our client, Triumph’s drilling operator will proceed to bore the pilot in accordance with the engineered bore path.
Once a project has been successfully completed, the drill data from our state of the art Ditch Witch TKD software is exported into AutoCAD where a plan and profile of the pipe is created.

What is HDD?
Commonly called horizontal directional drilling or HDD, is a steerable trenchless method of installing underground pipes, conduits and cables in a shallow arc along a prescribed bore path by using a surface-launched drilling rig, with minimal impact on the surrounding area. Directional boring is used when trenching or excavating is not practical. It is suitable for a variety of soil conditions and jobs including road, landscape and river crossings.

Underground Services

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